Saturday, September 22, 2012

Who Do You Influence?

     Since you already know a little about me from my profile section I will just go ahead and give you some insight to this blog.  I picked the name "I Lead 100" because that is how many people that I lead through out my profession and personal life.  Anyone from a classroom teacher, maintenance workers, custodians, bus drivers, coaches, family members, members of a Bible study, and even fellow colleagues are the people that I have had an opportunity to lead.  The number can vary based on my circumstances.  They can go up or down.  Either way I generally average 100 most weeks.

     If you lead someone or a group of people you also have the same opportunity.  It does not have to be in a profession, you can lead someone or some people in your personal life.  Either way leading people is all about how much influence we can have of them.  Our realm of influence can be on a small scale of one or an enormous number of several thousands and even millions.  President of a nation?  They lead millions.  Mother of a child?  Teacher of student?   You still lead and have an influence.  Lead one or one million you can have an influence on the world around you.

     Consider this, who had more influence?  Franklin Delano Roosevelt, our 32nd President, who lead our nation through one of the worst economic depression and one of our worlds largest and most destructive war in World War II.  His influence on our country is well documented and "stuff" that movies are made up of.  His New Deal programs put people back to work and established programs and facilities that exist in communities across our nation.  Hoover Dam.  Was a New Deal project.  The old swimming pool in your community.  A New Deal project under the Work Project Administration (WPA).  He connected with people through his radio "Fire Side Chats" during his term as the Governor of New York and the President of the United States.  This was one of the first times a President used the method of radio to talk to people.   During the rough times of the depression and a world war, FDR used these chats to connect with the masses and give them hope.  He used this venue to influence.  Often times he would begin his talks with "Good evening friends"  He urged the listeners to have faith. Faith in banks, faith in the New Deal measures, and most importantly faith in themselves.  He influenced a nation of people.

     Did he have more impact than the person that influenced him?  If you asked most people who Sara Ann Delano was and her impact on history, unless they are a history professor, they would not have a clue.  Sara was Franklin's mother.   Sara was a possessive mother and was the dominant influence in Franklin's early years.  She once declared, "My son Franklin is a Delano, not a Roosevelt at all."  Her influence would help mold Franklin and the man he would eventually be when he led our nation through our most turbulent times.

     Or was it Endicott Peabody?  Franklin's Headmaster at Groton School in which he attended.  Mr.  Peabody preached the duty of Christians to help the less fortunate and urged his students to enter in public service.  Sounds like a path for a future politician and the philosophy of putting the unemployed back to work in Franklin's New Deal programs.  Either person, Mr. Peabody or Sara Delano, could be debated on who had more influence on Franklin.  Doesn't matter, it isn't a contest, both of them had an influence that formed the thought process and soul of a young man.  A man that would have an enormous impact on millions of people in our nation and around the world.

     What about you?  Are you an influencer?  Do you lead one or one hundred?  Everyone has an influence, but we must choose what path we take.  Can we influence someone for the greater good or lead people astray.  Are you a builder or a destroyer of people?  I choose to be a builder and so can you.  Through this blog I will try and do just that, build people up.  Hopefully my time will allow that I can post something each week.  It might include a little bit of everything.  From a short history lesson, like the one posted today, or something with a Biblical spin on it.  It will generally be tied to an area I am passionate about.  Leadership.  I would enjoy your posts and any comments you might have.  It is my hope that we can learn through this blog, so I can lead, you can lead, and we can lead together.

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