Sunday, September 30, 2012

Standing in the Gap

     I came across this picture on Google search this week.  The location is in a Norwegian mountain called Kjerag.  The actual name of the rock the person is standing on is called Kjeragbolten.  In Norwegian it means "Kjerag Boulder".  If you were brave enough to take a step and stand on the rock you would be looking down to a little over a 3,000 feet view to the water.  According to experts the boulder was deposited there as the glaciers were receding at the end of the Ice Age.  As I sit in my easy chair in my nice cozy home I am pretty sure I would be brave enough to step onto the boulder and enjoy view.  Take a view pictures and even try to jump up and down to get the boulder to move!  Right.  Big talk for someone that hasn't even got on the plane to Norway.

     This boulder reminds me of Bible phrase out of Ezekiel.  It's actually Ezekiel 22:30.  In this verse God is talking about his search for a man to "Stand in the Gap" on behalf of the land so he would not have to destroy it.  The land was Jerusalem.  God was about to bring his judgment upon the people because of their sins.  In the Bible there has been several examples of someone stepping up and standing in the gap.  Look at Moses, he pleaded to God to have mercy on the Israelites that were turning their back on God.  God had rescued them from years of slavery in Egypt and now in the middle of the desert they were turning their back on Him.  It was no wonder he was furious with them.  

     Ever been in that situation?  You have done everything possible to help someone out and they just turn their back on you and do what they want to do.  They don't listen and they even rebell against everything that they should be doing.  Makes you furious because of the effort you have put forth to help someone out.  What kind of courage does it take to step onto the boulder and stand in the gap for someone.  To forget the view from 3,000 feet is there enough courage in each one of us?  Maybe or maybe not.  What if we forgot about the circumstances, disappointment, and anger.  What if we focused on the affect of standing in the gap can do to the world around us?  What if standing in the gap didn't change the person we were trying to help but it changed the people that are watching.  Would we enjoy the view much better?  Would it be much easier to have the courage and step on the boulder and stand in the gap?  

     Leaders have to do this.  When no one wants to do it, scared to do it, or doesn't have the energy to do it.  They stand in the gap.  Sure you do it to try and save someone from themselves.  But honestly, if that is our motivation it can get old because if people don't care about themselves why should you.   We are only human.  Leaders do it because it is the right thing to do.  In Moses' situation he knew if the Israelites were spared they would glorify God at a later time.  That's why leaders step up onto the boulder.  They stand in the gap because it is for the greater good.   Enjoy the view.

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