Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Creating Ripples in Your Realm of Influence!

The Ripple Effect!

As leaders we sometimes have the challenge to create ripples of positive change in the organization in which we lead.  When leaders create ripples, what they are really doing is having an impact for change. The same impact that a rock would have in creating the ripples in a calm liquid.  In my profession I have that opportunity to have an impact on our students and staff each and every day.  I can remember when I made the move into administration, I had one of my students ask me why I was leaving the classroom.  The student was being very nice and complimented me on the work as her teacher.  She wondered why I would want to leave the classroom.  I told her that I wanted to have more of an impact.
     I wanted to enlarge my territory of influence.  As a classroom teacher I am sure I impacted, and created ripples, with my students every year.  As a building principal I would have the opportunity to challenge the teachers to have a positive impact on the students in our building.  By doing so my influence and the ripple affect would expand.  I expanded that area of influence even more when I became a district superintendent.  The Prayer of Jabez came to my mind before I made the move to a superintendent.  I made the same prayer to God in which Jabez did in 1 Chronicles 4:10, "Oh that You would bless me and enlarge my territory!  Let your hand be with me, and keep me from harm so that I will be free from pain.  And God granted his request."  God has done the same for me.   My territory or realm of influence grew in each professional position.
      As a leader of any organization you have several opportunities to influence.   Your organization might be different than mine.  It might be a household, church, business, classroom, or even a cubicle.  Either way as a leader you have an opportunity to create ripples in your area of influence.
More Ripples = More Influence!
How can you be a leader of influence?  Here are a few ways to have an impact on your area.
  • Have a positive relationship with the people you work or live with each and every day.
  • Take care of yourself.  No one else is in charge of taking care of you. Educate yourself on how to live healthy and follow those standards.
  • Be excellent and work hard at what you do.  Excellence wears off on the people around you.  You will have an impact by just being good at your profession.  
  • Be joyful and enthusiastic!  If you don't have these traits no one will want to be around you.  Then where is your area of influence?  It's gone, Grumpy Pants!  Remember this one word when you are working with people.  Smile! 
The world around is affected by our leadership.  Whether it is good or bad leadership it still affects our realm of influence.  I want the ripples which I create to be a positive change in some one's life.  How about you?  Each and everyday people will be influenced by the way we interact with them.  Most importantly they will remember how you made them feel by how you said something or how you worked with them.  Ripple away!

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