Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Finding Ways to Unwind

     As a leader the job that you have can consume a lot of your time.  Sometimes it can become a twenty four hours and seven days a week job.  You have to find ways to get away from your job and unwind.   For each person it can be different.  I know people who enjoy quilting, shopping, painting, and even making furniture.  Either way it has to be something that can take you worlds away from your responsibilities as a leader.
     Mine is hunting, specifically deer hunting.  As a kid growing up on a farm I enjoyed getting away from everything by exploring the land which surrounded our property.  I could spend endless hours exploring our property, looking for wildlife, or fishing.  Either way I was enjoying myself.  As I got older and able to handle a gun my step father taught me how to hunt.  It was mainly bird hunting but never the less I was outside enjoying God's creation.  
    As I went to college, started my career, and eventually my family, hunting became less and less of a priority.   Trying to fit in a busy teaching/coaching schedule and raising three kids doesn't leave for very much personal time.  Evidently, I would pick it up again.  But this time it was different.  My brother in-law got me hooked on bow hunting.  The best thing about bow hunting is that you have to fully immerse yourself into the woods.  You have to get close enough to a deer in order to be able to shoot it.  Since I am not the best shot in the world I like to have the deer at least twenty yards or less away from my deer stand.  Closer the better.  Not so much to shoot but just to get a glimpse of this beautiful animal.  
     Deer are one of the most amazing creatures on this earth.  There senses are extremely sensitive to sounds and scent.  Deer can smell twenty times better than humans.  As a hunter going into the woods it's important to cover your scent as much as possible.  This means covering your scent as you walk into your deer stand and the scent the wind can carry from your deer stand.  Generally a deer stand is twelve to fifteen feet in the air.  By having it this high the wind will take the hunter's scent up and away from the deer below.  If the wind is in the right direction a deer will not have any idea a hunter is right above them.  
     This weekend I was able to get away on do some deer hunting.  I was really looking forward to a hunt.  Not so much to shoot a deer but just to get away and unwind.  Sitting in a deer stand there are no distractions.  Siting in a deer stand, life can be simple.   There are no work questions, demands, or concerns.  This isn't to say that I don't enjoy what I do or appreciate the people I work with.  I am blessed with my current position as well as the positions that I have had in the past.  No matter where I have been God has put wonderful people to work beside.  With that being said work can be work and sometimes for me it can start to consume all of my time and thoughts.  If I am not working then I am thinking of work.  When I get to that point then I know it's time to get away for a good hunt.  In my next few posts I will give you an idea of how my weekend hunt went.  I hope you can join me.  Enjoy the hunt, I know I did!

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